Pulse List 4 artistes GLO dropped as ambassadors

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4 artistes GLO dropped as ambassadors

Yesterday (February 25) there were strong speculations that telecommunication company GLO was going to drop pop group Psquare as its ambassadors after it was revealed that they were not going to renew their contract. Apparently Peter Okoye who just wrapped up the first season of his dance show ‘Dance With Peter’ sponsored by GLO was said to have exchanged words with a top executive of the telco.
When GLO signed Psquare in 2010 it was widely regarded as the most expensive endorsement deal in Nigeria. The deal was said to be worth over N100m. Last year Peter and Paul Okoye renewed their deal as they were given brand new cars. Peter Okoye was given a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and Paul Okoye took home a brand new Range Rover. It seems this might be the end of the road for Psquare and GLO’s six-year partnership. If this is so some people are of the opinion that they should not be worried about losing their endorsement deal. It might just be a treat. Psquare is still listed as an ambassador of GLO on the telco’s official website. Below is a list of four artistes who were dumped by GLO;
1) Naeto C
 Rapper Naeto C signed an endorsement deal with Mike Adenuga’s telco when the company was on a signing spree. He was however dropped last year maybe because he had not been active for a while. Naeto C did not take to it kindly. “Globacom is a top brand and I enjoyed the 2 years I spent with them. I didn’t expect to be a lifelong ambassador so it wasn't a big deal. I just hope they appreciated my services and commitment to their platform because when the media was saying I was “dumped” and people were throwing me under the bus, nobody at Globacom said anything. “I didn’t really like that, I felt it could’ve been handled better. But nevertheless I’m grateful for the opportunity” said Naeto C on Twitter when asked about GLO dropping him. After leaving GLO Naeto C went ahead to drop two albums ‘Day 1’ and ‘Festival’ in 2015. 

2. Lynxxx 
 The Syndik8 rapper joined GLO also in 2013, but his inactivity within the following years cost him his position as an ambassador of the brand. Lynxxx did not say anything about him being bounced. The rapper has not released new album since his debut album in 2010. 

3. Waje 
Unknown to many singer Waje who signed with GLO in 2013 was dropped last year. Lynxxx and Naeto C’s departure made the headlines but Waje’s contract wasn't renewed. For some reason her exit did not make the news. Waje is currently working on her second album. 

4. Chee
 Many wondered why and how the female singer Chee formerly known as Chidynma came about to be a GLO ambassador. There were stories that she is close friends with Mike Adenuga’s daughter, and they went to the same school. Last year Chee’s deal with GLO was not renewed and she had to make way for the new ambassadors. 

Last year GLO reshuffled ambassadorial list by adding new celebrities including mega pop star Wizkid. The Star Boy act who was formerly with MTN left the South Africa telco to GLO for a deal worth over N100m. Wizkid’s arrival led to GLO terminating contracts of some of their ambassadors. If Psquare leaves GLO which Nigerian act will join the telecommunication company?