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Northern group wants pipeline vandals prosecuted

A northern group under the aegis of Voice of Northern Nigeria Youth Initiative has called for the arrest and prosecution of any individual found guilty of vandalizing oil installations in the Niger Delta region.

 The Niger Delta Avengers had continued to destroy oil installations belonging to multinationals, leaving the country to lose billions daily. National President of the group, Yusuf Musa, during a briefing on Wednesday, in Abuja, explained that the country could no longer endure bloodsheds in the region.

 He called for the questioning of any powerful individual supporting the Niger Delta Avengers, including former president, Goodluck Jonathan, if found to be involved with the group. Musa, called on elder statesman Chief Edwin Clark, to intervene in the situation by calling the new agitators to order to protect the region. 

 President of the National Coalition of Niger Delta Ex-Agitators, NCNDE-A, Israel Akpodoro, recently accused President Jonathan to have created the Niger Delta Avengers prior to his exit in office last year. Musa said: 

“We the voice of northern Nigeria youth initiative wants to align ourselves to that stand of the leader of the ex-agitators. 

“He is a very patriotic Nigerian for him to have revealed this information. It is for the Federal Government to seriously attend to this issue because Nigerians are tired of bloodsheds. 

We are tired of crisis. “Jonathan, Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, Edwin Clark should be invited for questioning. Already, leader of ex-agitators have said it that Jonathan has hand in this. 

He should be brought to book because nobody is above the law. We need the militants as Nigerians so we do not want anybody to be killed.”

 He stated that the country, after winning the war on Boko Haram could not afford to embark on another battle with the emerging Niger Delta group. Musa, emphasized that the country needed peace, adding that any individual who “has hand in crisis of this type should be arrested and prosecuted.” 

He further said the lives of Nigerians are at stake considering the current state of the economy. In his remark, an All Progressive Congress (APC) chieftain, ‎Chief Peter Igho, threw his support for questioning of those involved. 

He stated that the people of Niger Delta should be cautioned to promote peace in the region. “People like Israel can still manage whatever problem or destruction of pipes in the region if given the opportunity,” Igho added.


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