Friday, 13 May 2016

See the real fuel prices at filling stations today (Photos)

– Nigerians criticize Buhari for hike in fuel prices

 – Say in some states there is still no fuel, while in others it is sold at 145 per litre 

The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has on May 11 announced the removal of fuel subsidy and that there was a recommended pump price for fuel at N145 per litre. 

Following the announcement of the increase of PMS by Minister of State or Petroleum Ibe Kachikwu, some filling station has already changed their prices first thing early this morning. 

 has asked Nigerians what is the price of fuel in their region. See below their answers:

Nora Agodi: “APC government, the more you look the less you see, we bought 86.50, just for two weeks and now we are buying for 145, this government is fantastically corrupt.” 

Immaculate Osimach: “Nigeria change here in Calabar city northwest filling station is N145 while other stations are selling N150 and above.

” Bashorun Adisa Jimoh Oluyemi: “Nothing has really changed, we bought for 150 as at yesterday.” Ismyl B. Usman: “By 9:00am today I visited three filling stations in Ilorin with all selling at 145. I lastly had to buy like that because I have no option than to buy.”

Elijah Timothy: “Here in Kano it’s 145 and when you even go to filling station no fuel even the black market don’t want to sell.’ 

Some Nigerians said that filling stations change their prices and sell the PMS at 145 per litre.

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Others say that nothing has changed and there is no fuel in their state.

In some states the fuel is sold at 200 and even at 250 naira per litre.

The pictures were taken from filling station at civic centre close to MTN office in Kano state this morning.

Back in 2012 during the government of Goodluck Jonathan did a similar action and the immediate aftermath was arguably the country’s biggest protest ever.

#OccupyNigeria became the umbrella through which everyone banded together in their common defiance.

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There have been ripples already with the NLC stating that they would fight against the increase.

The fuel subsidy was later partially removed and the price of fuel product was hanged at 96 per litre, after a week of protest that grounded the economy of Nigeria to a near halt.

 See below the most expensive states due to the average cost of petrol in Nigerian states for February 2016.

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