Shocking story: A zoo keeper got orangutan female pregnant.

Shocking story: A zoo keeper got orangutan female pregnant.

A shocking incident has taken place in a zoo in Indonesia. One of the keepers had sex with animals and what he has done to a female orangutan is plain shocking! 

Hate horny guys? Well this one beats them all. Other animal keepers noticed some strange things happening to animals. When they came to feed them, some of the beasts were sexually aroused. They could not explain such a behavior. Later on zoo director discovered an amazing fact: an old orangutan female was pregnant. However, for over 10 years she was not mated to any orangutan males. She was an aggressive monkey and they could not keep the males and her in the same cage.

People could not explain such a thing, so they placed some hidden cameras around the zoo. When they watched those videos, they were shocked. One of the keepers regularly had sex with various animals. He was the one responsible for impregnating the orangutan. The horny keeper says that all animals gave him consent for the sexual intercourse with them. And he had no idea a female orangutan can be impregnated by a human. So, he is very sorry over what he has done to her. 

All the people working in zoo are angry with the 38-year-old man. Here is how the biologist explains why the monkey got pregnant: “Particularity in Indonesia the genetic profile of some of the population is extremely close to the orangutan species. That is why that female got pregnant from a man”.