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In Tanzania condoms are used to save elephants

Saving these amazing animals has become a priority both for the global and the local communities in Tanzania. But why do they use condoms to do it? See the secret revealed. 

For many years elephants got hunted and killed for the sake of their tusks. Now things are changing, but these giants often times suffer, when they enter the villages or the fields of the local residents. They get chased out and even killed with spears and bullets.

 The Honeyguide Foundation has developed a new plan for chasing the intruders out of the villages or crops without damaging or killing them. The plan involves 4 steps and each of them is non-violent. First two steps are these: fire the torch and sound the trumpet to scare away the elephants. Many of these huge beasts got used to such things and do not react to them. So, if the first two steps fail you, resort to condoms! 

They fill the condoms with a mix of the ground and сhili pepper powder. They also add a firecracker inside the bomb. Only the fuse sticks out of it and then they fire it up and throw at the elephants. The сhili bomb explodes with a loud sound. As a rule one such grenade is enough to turn them away. 

However, if that does not work, the forth step is the sure one. They use a Roman candle to keep their homes and fields safe. This protection strategy is simply and affordable. People stay safe and animals do not have to be killed. So, condoms can save lives not only of the lovers, but of these kingly mammals, too.


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