Jonathan celebrates Nigerians on International Youths Day

– Goodluck Jonathan urged Nigerian youths to continue to work towards their dreams 

– He described them as his inspiration

– The ex-president gave this message to celebrate the International Youth Day 

Goodluck Jonathan has sent a powerful message to youths in Nigeria and described them as his personal inspiration. 

The former president gave this message in celebration of the International Youth Day which is a UN designated day for the recognition and celebration of youths around the world. 

 Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan was also in contention for the award. 

Jonathan in a statement via his Facebook page cited instances and occurrences when Nigerian youths have made the country proud and urged them to continue to develop themselves. 

He wrote: “I salute the resilience and creativity of our youths on a day dedicated to them. From Adichie to Jelani Aliyu, our youths continue to be our pride.

 “When Nigeria’s economy became the largest economy on the African continent, it was and is because of our youths

 “When we perform exploits at the Olympics and other sporting events, it is because of the great Nigerian youths. 

“Nigeria and indeed the world has no greater asset than our youth and you will continue to be my personal inspiration.

“My message to youths is to urge you to continue to develop yourself through positive endeavors. The future is yours. God bless our youths. GEJ” 

Since the former president left office in 2015, he has embarked on peace duties including the establishment of his Goodluck Jonathan foundation. 

A few days ago, the former president was spotted in Zambia where he is leading the African Union observer team to observe the country’s 2016 general elections. Jonathan is the leader of the African Union Election Monitoring Mission to Zambia’s August 11 polls.