Ex-RCCG pastor exposes colleagues in the ministry

Pastor Bayo Akinjiyan, a former clergyman with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has exposed some of his former colleagues in the ministry. 

In a video captured by Sahara Reporters, the minister of God said the people surrounding Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the general overseer of RCCG are the ones causing confusion in the denomination. 

Below are some parts of the message as stated by the former RCCG clergyman: 

The fact that up till now, there has been no official statement by the RCCG in reaction to the issue raised in the media in the first place, to me, is an admission to all the facts placed before the public by the church. 

They knew what evil they did to me, but God turned it for my good. The only response to this came through a phone call exactly after five days after the first press conference from the assistant general overseer, AGO, admin and personnel, Pastor JF Odesola, requesting for a meeting with me at my convenient time and place on behalf of Pastor E A Adeboye, the general overseer of the church whom he said was travelling out on ministerial assignment. As a mark of courtesy for the office of the caller and the person who sent him to me, I agreed to meet him the following day at his house in the Redemption Camp.

I spoke with my lawyer who agreed with the arrangement with the mind that any legal issue arising from the meeting will be referred to him. Pastor Odesola who appeared more political than I used to know of him, was very warm to us and promised to communicate this to the GO. 

The legal department of the church headed by one Titi Adegbile, together with Pastor Odesola, turned the episode into a melodrama such as posting fallacious internal communcations between them on the social media for reasons best known to them. 

My lawyer also received a cheque on the house according to the church, as ex-gracia payment ‘for the sake of the kingdom’ representing less than 15% of the property. With the church having accepted the reality on ground, and acceding to our demands, the issues, hopefully, have been laid to rest.

 My counsel to RCCG

 Why bothering yourself giving counsel, having left the church and having got your consultancy fees paid? Let them run the church the way they feel, you might say. No, it’s not about me or the consultancy fee requested. But about a divine prophetic mandate given to me by God to the body of Christ and nations of the world. I could just have kept quiet at this time or allow the matter die naturally, but God won’t be happy with me. 

He said to me, ‘Son of man, draw their attention to the present state. If they repent, I will spare them and if they don’t, their sins will be upon them. ‘Why not seek the GO’s attention and suggest this privately to him?’ I’ve written over ten letters without any evidence that he got them, as they were not acknowledged. 

From the event of the past few weeks, it has been proven that the only legitimate way to get Pastor Adeboye’s attention is through the media. It has been proven that you can’t see him, even on his request unless those who surround him make it possible. A top official of the church advised me to be bringing my tithes to the GO, attend their meetings and then it will be easy for me to meet with him. 

Pastor Bayo Akinjiyan, a former clergyman with the Redeemed Christian Church of God has lambasted some of his colleagues in the ministry. Photo: Video snip from youtube

 Me thinks that I have had enough of that for 23 years. I desire to see more of Jesus now more than ever before. This is why I am making the following suggestions open. I make them known with the best intentions and also as directed by God to warn the church to sit up. It is not for any personal vain Glory. 

Number one 

Structural review to enable communications to enable communications to and from the leadership of RCCG to get to the desired destinations. There are so many Pastor Bayo Akinjiyans we think they are Christians, who have forsook not the suffering in silence with no courage to cry out for justice. I will also like to suggest, that the phone numbers of the GO’s secretaries and that of his personal assistants should be in public domain. Please sir, allow your people to get to you. Many of them are being oppressed on a daily basis. And their cries have reached the high heavens. 

Number two

 Many of the RCCG senior pastors both at home and abroad are nice, refined and godly. Some have become ‘larger than life’ pastors who have graduated to become provincial principalities and regional terrorists. They seek over mega churches, and have access to questioning words. I am sure he knows them. The present scenario of using your house if you leave the church calls for an urgent review. As it anachronistic, unprogressive, sneevish and outrightly unjustifiable. This song began in redemption camp, Dallas in the United States of America. For those who saw my actions for building a church own land as foolish, well I don’t blame you.

 Some of us who bought into this idea of building on camp ground in the first place are hurt. By the fact that the church took undue advantage on us. Please carry out a survey of the present resident, at the redemption camp to know their fears and feelings. 

The pastors in charge of parishes cannot buy a bottle of coke for themselves with church money, after a laborious Sunday service without being queried by auditors. Same should apply elsewhere. As what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Having taken hold of the position of AGO finance, a celebrity pastor was allegedly forced to resign a few years back because he went into second marriage. While the first wife walked out on him. 

What difference does that make to another pastor who is also a widower, who was allegedly joined in holy matrimony under quote by the church by a divorce woman with three children from the first marriage: while the first husband is still alive. Except that one took place in Nigeria and the other in the USA. Or what do you say of a pastor who was allegedly ask to refund less than five thousand naira which was accounted for insecticide of the church. 

When the foreign mission director was alleged to have collected ten dollars, from mission field abroad, only to part with 40% of it to the missionary on ground out of which the the director is overpaid. The remaining 60% was for the ‘’people at home’’. Meanwhile, the missionary was made to sign for ten thousand dollars.