Nigerian students uses her N7m fees to sow seed in church

– A Nigerian Twitter user has gone viral for tweets about her cousin in the UK – She revealed her cousin used her £13k school fees (N7.3) to sow seeds in church – Her family went mad once they knew and looked for ways to punish her

A Nigerian Twitter user took to her page to describe something dramatic that befell on of her cousins in the UK. Her username is Winnie and she described that her cousin decided to use her UK university school fees of £13k (7.3m) to sow seed in a Nigerian church in the UK. 

Nigerian girl sows seeds england church Her series of tweets then explained that her cousin’s family went mad and her mother made her work for the remaining money and she was almost disowned from the family but things eventually calmed down.

 Winnie also went on to say you don’t need to sow seeds in church to have your prayers answered. See her full tweets below:  

2 What do you guys think? Would you give your church N7m to sow seeds? Is the church wrong for collecting so much money even with the current recession in Nigeria?

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