See father who babysits and takes his baby to work

Fatherhood is something many men look forward to. Having to be able to make contact with their newborn baby is an experience that has sparked different emotional flames in them.  

Women also share the joy of motherhood as they finally have the chance to hold the baby they have carried in their wombs to their bosoms. In a way, they feel like they know the babies because they were nurtured within their bodies. 

For the men, it is an entirely different case as they want to spend time with their babies. Men that are having their first issue in life feel different about the matter. They become inseparable as they want to know everything there is to know about babies in order to bond well. 

Many of them learn how to fix diapers at that point because they want to share the developmental stages with the babies. Some fathers are not bothered about the gender of the baby. A boy is daddy’s ‘mini-me’ and a girl is daddy’s princess. 

This father broke the internet when pictures of him feeding his daughter went viral. He loves his daughter so much he cannot risk putting her in the care of any maid. Now that is genuine love, it is unconditional. Most families employ the services of maids when they have babies. Some babies feel more comfortable being with the maids because they spend more time with them. 

Shamora Collins does not want to be a stranger to his daughter. He has decided to play an important role by feeding her and taking care of her. He learnt how to bath and dress her. Collins said he does not trust any of the maids out there because of the stories shared on child abuse here and there. 

After having a talk with his wife, they reached an agreement that involved him taking his baby to work after his wife’s maternity leave ended. The adorable baby does not cry as she is always happy to be in the car seat while enjoying the cool music daddy plays for her. 

Collins is grateful to his boss who has given him the go-ahead to take his baby daughter to work. It is an exciting experience for both father and baby Christabel. See more pictures of the caring father and his baby below: 

1. Collins and his baby 

2. Working and babysitting 

3. Baby Christabel 

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