Thursday, 10 November 2016

US election: TB Joshua under attack over FAILED prediction

Popular Nigerian prophet Temitope Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) during his church sermon on Sunday, November 6, predicted who will win the presidential election in the United States of America. 

Though he did not mention any particular name, he said he saw a woman as the winner of the election.

The election is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So, with his prediction, Hillary, the Democratic Party presidential candidate, is supposed to be the winner.

Apparently TB Joshua’s prophecy was wrong and it will not come to pass this time. Nigerians have already started criticizing him on social media, calling him a prophet of doom and a fake prophet. Meanwhile, the post about his prediction for the election has been deleted from the TB Joshua ministries facebook page. 

TB Joshua that cannot predict 5 correct scores for Bet9ja, all he sees his election results. Now he played himself — Ogbeni (@_Houzil) November 9, 2016 

The end is nigh for the so called prophet TB joshua. Hehe #FakeProphet — ™Michael (@hansomevik1886) November 9, 2016 I’d rather believe a naked mad man on the street telling me s3 he can provide me a 6 yard kente cloth than a TB Joshua prophecy ๐Ÿšถ

 — YO N!GGa ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ‘… (@JonnyDa_MYSFYT) November 9, 2016 Am very happy not for America buh for the fact we know TB Joshua is a fake ass.. — Bebe Uko (@officialBadAzzS) November 9, 2016 

Let’s all laugh at TB Joshua who prophesied that Hillary would win. He’s indeed a true prophet if you ignore what has just happened! — Zamani Canaan (@Zamani_S_M) November 9, 2016

 I thought TB Joshua said he saw a woman in d white house.. maybe he mistook Melanie’s blonde hair for Hillary’s.. Just saying #americavotes — IG:MissChubbyCheeeks (@twitymania) November 9, 2016 Pls join me in laughing at TB Joshua. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ — Abu Spiderman. (@_1Tasleem) November 9, 2016 

TB Joshua is part of the @HillaryClinton problem! The moment he ‘prophesied’ Hillary would win – I knew she was in trouble! — Oluwaseun P. (@OluwaseunP) November 9, 2016 I never knew a day would come when my predictions will TRUMP those of TB Joshua…I don’t even have a synagogue (No pun Intended).

 — SEGA L’รฉveilleur® (@segalink) November 9, 2016 TB Joshua is only good at predicting football matches not US election. Is he really a prophet or nairabet expert? @Gidi_Traffic — Anthony El wady (@xyoung7123) November 9, 2016 

TB Joshua be sweating profusely right now. I don’t wanna be him. — Vitamin ‘B‼️ (@bukolareis) November 9, 2016 

TB Joshua church members should better find another prophet to follow. President Trump — bolanle V (@BolanleVincent) November 9, 2016 

I sincerely wish prophet TB Joshua’s prediction comes true oo. He said he saw a woman abi is Trump a woman — a girl has no name๐ŸŒ (@aunty_ifeoma) November 9, 2016

 Retweeted Monitoring Spirit (@AmazingDanny_): LMFAOO! Trump is winning. I now accept the fact that TB Joshua is a Prophet of doom.

 — ✗DENIYI HIMSELF✗ (@TheOlutee) November 9, 2016 TB Joshua’s prophecy shows that most of these pastors make up their prophecy. Most of them are fake!! I wonder why people still 4lo them — SAGE OF THE 6 PATH (@king_Bello7) November 9, 2016

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