Friday, 2 December 2016

Watch how student proposed to his school teacher

People fall in love in different ways; if you have to consider the mysteries surrounding the issue of love, then you will agree that no one can truly understand the affairs of the heart. Watch how student proposed to his school teacher  When it comes to love, children are not exempted as they seem to find love in the weirdest of places. 

But overtime, they start to grow out of it as they get to know there is more to life. Having a crush on someone is a normal thing, but doing something about the crush is the big deal. 

A school boy has done something extraordinary by going out to propose to his teacher. Boys often fall in love with their teachers while they are young. They simply nurse this feeling and do their best possible to impress the lady in whatever subject she takes. Failing a subject handled by a crush is not an option as this will be embarrassing for the boys who will always want the ladies to see them as men. 

They become neater and do everything to make the teachers see them as people with mature minds who can take care of them even though they are younger in age. The school boy in this post took the love game to a level higher; he had carefully mapped out a plan on the proposal and asked his friends to support him in going through it. 

The stunt they pulled did not go as planned as the teacher ended up turning him and down. As part of the plan for the proposal, this teenager prepared a red banner with the inscription 'Miss Li, I love you! Marry me'. As soon as the teacher set foot on the campus of the Chinese secondary school, the banner was displayed. 

Students poured out in torrent to watch the show as the lover boy stood with a bouquet of flower in hand. One of his friends stood beside him playing a small guitar and creating a more romantic atmosphere. 

The teacher was obviously irritated with the act as she kept telling the boy to stop fooling around and get up. In spite of this, the lover boy refused to give up. It was as though he had listened to Jason Mraz' 'I won't give up' song before initiating the act. 

When it dawned on the school teacher that he was not going to give up, she shouted at him while telling him she has a boyfriend. She threw his flowers at him and knocked the instrument to the ground. She stormed off in annoyance over the charade created by her student. What do you think of this? Was it right for the student to have professed his love to her? 

Did she act rashly by turning him down and making his effort go to waste? Only heaven knows how things will be between the two of them from that moment onward.

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