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365 Powerful Marketing Tools (Final Episode)

Hi Friends, As promised in my Last Episode that you should watch out for the final episode, Now here is the final part of my ebook on 365 POWERFUL MARKETING TOOLS

Ø  Tip 121: Make a Daily Checklist
Having a daily sales checklist will help you to identify the accounts and
customers you need to approach that day.

Ø  Tip 122: Time Allotment
Allot a specific amount of time each day when you – or a member of staff - will
focus solely on selling activities.

Ø  Tip 123: Selling Time is Sacred
Don’t be distracted by things such as e-mails or personal phone calls during your
selling time.

Ø  Tip 124: Know your Competitor
Know what your competitor is selling and the prices he’s selling them at to keep
an upper edge.

Ø  Tip 125: Be Optimistic
People prefer optimism over pessimism, so try to remain optimistic at all times
and your customer might follow suit.

Ø  Tip 126: Start Conversations
Don’t wait for a customer to pluck up the courage to talk, approach him first and
strike up a conversation.

Ø  Tip 127: At Ease
Customers may be excited at the prospect of buying, but they could also be
nervous. Take the time to put them at ease.

Ø  Tip 128: Observe your Customers Body Language
Watching your customer’s body language will help to guide you on if they are
really interested or not.

Ø  Tip 129: Avoid Silly Mistakes
When making a sale you need to make doubly sure that you have all the facts
right, and don’t make any silly mistakes that could end up costing you the sale.

Ø  Tip 130: Have Morals
Don’t be prepared to do absolutely anything in order to make a sale. Have some
morals and know what’s right and what’s wrong.

Ø  Tip 131: Have Flexible Selling Tactics
What might work for one customer won’t necessarily work for another, so be as
flexible with your tactics as you can.

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Ø  Tip 132: Practice
Practice what you have learnt and then perfect it for a great sales pitch.

Ø  Tip 133: Brainstorm
Two heads are better than one, and three heads are better then – well you get
the picture. Brainstorm with staff, family and friends to see what ideas come up.

Ø  Tip 134: Be Persuasive
Persuade your customers that your product is the best that they could buy, will
make them look fantastic; will impress their boss, etc.

Ø  Tip 135: Enhance the Experience
Offer cups of coffee or donuts or have nice music playing. Generally enhance the
experience of the sale.

Ø  Tip 136: Waiting Room
Make the waiting room as pleasant as possible. Ensure it’s as clean as it needs
to be and is welcoming.

Ø  Tip 137: Shorten the Cycle
I mean the sales cycle. If it drags on too long customers may get bored or tired
and walk away.

Ø  Tip 138: Stand behind your Product
Be prepared to back it 100%, especially if someone has negative things to say
about it.

Ø  Tip 139: Experiment
Don’t be afraid to try new techniques or sell new products. Variety is the spice of
sales as well as life.

Ø  Tip 140: Get Some Sleep!
I don’t mean on the job, but at home. Rest well and have a fresh energy about
you the next day.

Ø  Tip 141: Don’t be Afraid
Don’t be afraid to ask questions or hear the answers.

Ø  Tip 142: Take a Break
Everyone needs a break in order to recharge their batteries, so make sure you
take regular ones.

Ø  Tip 143: Do Not Walk Away
Always let the customer walk away first otherwise you could come across as
being dismissive.

Ø  Tip 144: Don’t get flustered
Try to remain calm and not get flustered in the event of an awkward customer or
situation. Take a deep breath, smile, and make the sale.

Ø  Tip 145: Never be Rude
It can be hard to be polite sometimes, but never ever be rude to a customer.
Your next potential customer may overhear you and walk away.

Ø  Tip 146: Don’t Sound Desperate
Try not to sound desperate even if you are. Sales are harder to make when the
customer knows how desperate you really are.

Ø  Tip 147: Make Yourself Known
Introduce yourself and explain who you are in relation to the sale or product.

Ø  Tip 148: Have Patience
Some customers can try the patience of saints, but make sure you don’t lose
your patience or you could lose your sale too.

Ø  Tip 149: Be Accountable
If you make a mistake then don’t pass the buck, accept it, apologize and move
on. Be accountable for your own actions.

Ø  Tip 150: Never Hit on a Customer
Never hit on a customer, especially if their partner is with them. This is probably
one of the worst mistakes you could make.

Ø  Tip 151: Blog
Make an online Blog where you can keep a daily record of your business for
customers, old and potential, to read.

Ø  Tip 152: Visualize the Sale
Visualizing the sale helps us to achieve it.

Ø  Tip 153: Make Lists
It’s easy to forget things, especially when there’s a lot to remember, so make lists
to help jog your memory.

Ø  Tip 154: Take Action
If something needs doing then do it. Not taking action is the same as not caring
about your business.

Ø  Tip 155: Performance Reviews
Review your sales performance honestly to see if and where you can improve.

Ø  Tip 156: Seasons for Selling
Easter eggs don’t tend to sell well at Christmas and Christmas trees don’t sell
well on Valentines Day. Choose the right product for the right season.

Ø  Tip 157: Climate
Selling the right products for the climate can be crucial. No-one wants to buy
bikinis in winter or thermal underwear in the summer.

Ø  Tip 158: Work at Work
Don’t sit behind your desk playing card games on the computer or texting your
friends. If it’s quiet find something work related and constructive to do.

Ø  Tip 159: “I’ll think about it
If a customer tells you this then try and offer a deal they can’t refuse. They didn’t
say no now did they?

Ø  Tip 160: “To be honest with you”
“To tell you the truth” and “to be honest with you” are red flags to most people.
Are you really being honest with them? They might not think so if you say
something like this.

Ø  Tip 161: Adjust your Attitude
Don’t behave as though the world and every customer in it owes you a favor.
Watch your attitude or you’ll be watching your customers leave.

Ø  Tip 162: Know your Weaknesses:
Everyone has weaknesses, so know yours and work on turning it into a strength.

Ø  Tip 163: Discount
Offering discounts, no matter how small, will encourage people to buy.

Ø  Tip 164: Be Approachable
Help customers to feel more comfortable by being approachable. Don’t sit there
with a frown on your face when they walk in the door.

Ø  Tip 165: Be Creative
You don’t have to use the same displays or advertising as everyone else. Being
creative will get you noticed.

Ø  Tip 166: Do what you Say you’ll do
If you give a promise, a guarantee or a returns policy then stick by it. Don’t make
a promise you’re not prepared to keep.

Ø  Tip 167: Product Placement
If you own a store then product placement is vital. Customers like to feel
comfortable when they shop, but if that naughty lingerie is by the window or door
they may go elsewhere.

Ø  Tip 168: Research
If your customer is another business, do your research about them beforehand. It
might give you the upper hand.

Ø  Tip 169: Deliver on Time
If you say you’ll deliver an item on a specific date then make sure you do, or
have a legitimate reason why not.

Ø  Tip 170: Don’t be a Stalker
Making a couple of calls to a prospective customer is fine, but after 3 or 4 calls
they may feel like you’re stalking them. Back off.

Ø  Tip 171: Make Appointments
Make appointments rather than just turn up. It can go a long way.

Ø  Tip 172: Stay Connected
Stay connected to your client before and after a sale. Confirm an appointment
and do a follow-up call to ensure good customer relations.

Ø  Tip 173: Be a Prospector
Just like gold, you need to prospect for customers sometimes too.

Ø  Tip 174: Limit Choices
Sometimes too many choices can confuse a customer and they will leave before
they can make a decision. Limit the choices and they’ll find it easier to buy.

Ø  Tip 175: “Yes, But
“Yes it does look out-dated, but it is the latest model”, this approach agrees with
the customer while answering the objection at the same time.

Ø  Tip 176: Counter-question
By repeating an objection voiced by a customer he may respond with something
like: “I just meant…” which leaves it open for you to move forward.

Ø  Tip 177: Offer a Service
Free delivery or gift wrapping can be just the thing to get a person to buy from

Ø  Tip 178: Give a Choice
That sweater is so nice in black, but you also have it available in red, blue and
white too. Make sure your customer knows the choices.

Ø  Tip 179: Offer Incentives
If you offer a client an incentive such as a free weeks grass cutting, they will be
more inclined to choose your business.

Ø  Tip 179: “Better not wait”
This can be a good way of getting someone to buy something quickly. “Better not
wait because I only have 1 left” etc.

Ø  Tip 180: Tact
Be tactful towards customers. Stating the obvious such as their breath smells
and do they want to buy some mints is not going to win you a sale.

Ø  Tip 181: Be a Problem Solver
If there’s a problem don’t ignore it. Find a solution and learn from it.

Ø  Tip 182: Think
Think about what you want to achieve today and set out to do it.

Ø  Tip 183: Seize the Day
Don’t wait until tomorrow to try to make a sale. That’s a day – and a sale–

Ø  Tip 184: Find the Silver Lining
Even if you lose a sale or it’s a quiet day, try to stay positive. Use the time to
polish up on your technique or to send out your news letters.

Ø  Tip 185: Know When to Give Up
Time-wasters are a fact of life. Know when to give up on trying to sell something
to someone who never had any intention of buying.

Ø  Tip 186: Fit the Product to the Customer
Finding the right product for the customer can be a lot easier than finding the
right customer for the product.

Ø  Tip 187: Know When to Close a Deal
Don’t drag things out too long or you might lose the sale. Know when to close it

Ø  Tip 188: Be Likeable
People are not going to buy from a person they don’t like, no matter how good
the product is.

Ø  Tip 189: Don’t Talk About Yourself
Engage your customer in conversation, but not about yourself. It isn’t relevant to
the sale.

Ø  Tip 190: Never Argue
Never argue with a member of staff in front of a customer, or a customer –

Ø  Tip 191: Don’t Criticize
Don’t criticize your product, your staff or your competitor in front of a potential

Ø  Tip 192: Lose your Ego
If your ego is a big one then you might be a little intimidating without realizing it.

Ø  Tip 193: Stick to your Principles
Don’t be talked into something you’re not happy or comfortable with.

Ø  Tip 194: Give Value for Money
It may be tempting to hike the price up to make more money, but people will
probably go somewhere cheaper before buying from you.

Ø  Tip 195: Know the Decision Maker
If you have a couple of customers come in together then quickly work out who is
the decision maker, and work aim your selling skills at that person.

Ø  Tip 196: Reduce the Chaos
More order and less chaos will clear up your mind and leave it more open to
making a sale.

Ø  Tip 196: Wrap it up
Wrap up the sale, but offer a wrapping service too. Busy customers love it.

Ø  Tip 197: Find a Buyer
Don’t wait for a buyer to come to you, go out and find the buyer.

Ø  Tip 198: Analyze the Market
Know what the market buying habits are and how they can be reached. What is
their socio-economic level? Analyze and work with the result.

Ø  Tip 199: Find the Action
Job fairs, conventions and seminars; just 3 places you should go to find the
action. Make your business known there.

Ø  Tip 200: Join a Professional Organization
It will boost your credibility and could have member benefits such as mailing lists,
as well as provide networking opportunities.

Ø  Tip 201: Give Things Away
Provide giveaways through your website, or leave a bunch of pens with your
business logo on at a meeting to get your name out there.

Ø  Tip 202: Affiliate Marketing
A great way to get customers is by offering programs for affiliate marketing.

Ø  Tip 203: Ask
Asking for the sale might seem blunt, but the worst that can happen is they say
no, in which case smile, leave your card and ask for referrals before moving on.

Ø  Tip 204: Assess Your Sales Skills
Be honest with yourself about your own sales skills, and change what you feel is

Ø  Tip 205: Gather Insight
Ask colleagues or staff what they feel about your sales technique. Their insight
could be just what you need.

Ø  Tip 206: Get Feedback
From colleagues as well as customers to ensure that everyone is happy.

Ø  Tip 207: Shorten your “To Do” List
If your list is too long you’ll spend more time reading it than carrying out the tasks
on it, and you won’t have any time left for selling.

Ø  Tip 208: Scarcity
If your product is in short supply make sure you let your customer know this.

Ø  Tip 209: Urgency
The offer ends soon. This gives people a valid reason to buy it straight away.

Ø  Tip 210: Risk-Free
People don’t like taking risks when buying something, so if it’s ‘risk-free’ they will
be more likely to purchase it.

Ø  Tip 211: Be Nice to Children:
If a customer has a child with them make sure you include him or her in some of
the conversation. “Wouldn’t it be great to have this car? It even has a secret
place for you to hide your candy/doll/ toy from your brother.”

Ø  Tip 212: Watch your Language
It doesn’t matter if you have the mouth of a sailor if you are at the bar with your
friends, but when you are selling something the last thing a customer wants to
hear is you cussing up a storm.

Ø  Tip 213: Watch your Tone
Your tone of voice can say more than your actual words. Don’t let exasperation,
frustration or boredom come through in your tone.

Ø  Tip 214: Don’t Expect Anything, Earn It
Don’t just take it for granted that you’ll make the sale. You have to earn it, not
simply expect it.

Ø  Tip 215: Show Off
If the remote control car you’re selling can do a lot of tricks, then show it off so
that customers can actually see it working.

Ø  Tip 216: Know your Value
Your business may be valuable, and so might your stock, but without you they
are worth nothing. Value yourself.

Ø  Tip 217: Don’t Interrupt
If a customer is talking, never interrupt. Nothing gets the hackles up like being
interrupted when you’re trying to make a point or ask something.

Ø  Tip 218: Know the Budget
If you find out the budget of your customer you will know what price range you
have to work within. If you don’t find out the budget then chances are you will be
trying to sell something that is way too expensive for them to afford.

Ø  Tip 219: Ask About Concerns
Ask if your customer has any concerns about a particular product, and then try to
allay them or offer alternatives.

Ø  Tip 220: Exchange Commitments
Show your customer that you are prepared to commit to making him the best
offer, providing he commits to buying it.

Ø  Tip 221: 1 Opportunity
You have 1 opportunity to make a good 1st impression, so use it wisely and don’t
waste it.

Ø  Tip 222: Remove the Fluff
Remove the fluff and sell the product. Don’t overdue the personal enthusiasm
because it will just look as though you’re desperate to make the sale.

Ø  Tip 223: Analyze Needs
Analyze the needs of your customers and then try to fulfill them.

Ø  Tip 224: Plan Your Next Step
Don’t leave everything to the last minute in a sale. Plan ahead and know what
you’re going to say or do next.

Ø  Tip 225: Confirm you Understand
Confirm that you understand what your customer wants so that they know they
are being listened to and understood.

Ø  Tip 226: Look for Opportunities
There are opportunities to make a sale everywhere, but you need to keep looking
for them. Stay alert and stay selling.

Ø  Tip 227: Don’t Rush
You may be in a rush to sell something but you need to remember not to rush
your customer.

Ø  Tip 228: Be Prepared to Lower the Price
Lowering the price a little can mean the difference between selling for a huge
profit and selling for a large one. Better to make any kind of profit than none at

Ø  Tip 229: Take Notes
Taking notes will help you to remember specifics in case they are needed later
on in the sale.

Ø  Tip 230: Avoid Looking Annoyed or Disappointed
You probably feel these emotions sometimes, but don’t let your customer see or
feel them from you.

Ø  Tip 231: Leave an Opening for the Customer to Return
If the sale didn’t go through make sure you leave the door open for the customer
to return at a later date. “Feel free to come back any time and we’ll see what else
we can do for you.”

Ø  Tip 232: Don’t Procrastinate
Stop putting things off until tomorrow or next week or next month or – you see
what I mean. Do it, and do it now!

Ø  Tip 234: Use a Contest
Having a contest can bring in a lot more customers because they are all in with
the chance of winning something they might not otherwise own. Even if you just
have a small raffle.

Ø  Tip 235: The right Time
There is never a wrong time for making a sale, but there are some times that are
better than others. Know when this is for your particular business and work with

Ø  Tip 236: Leave a Voicemail
Don’t just hang up if nobody answers. Leave a voicemail saying who you are and
why you’ve called. If you are calling with a special offer then make sure you say

Ø  Tip 237: Be Different
Just because you sell cars doesn’t mean you have to look or be like the car lot
down the road. Be different and stand out from the crowd.

Ø  Tip 238: Go Above and Beyond
We all remember when someone did something for us that went definitely above
and beyond what they got paid to do. Be that person and make your customers
remember you.

Ø  Tip 239: Be as Specific as Possible
If you can’t remember specifics then have a tick-sheet with you to jog your
memory. People want to know details about something they are buying.

Ø  Tip 240: Think Big
You may be selling home made clay vases, but there’s nothing to say that your
designs are not going to become famous and make you a fortune some day.
Thing big and aim for the stars.

Ø  Tip 241: No Bull
What’s the point of giving your customers a load of bull that you know isn’t true?
You’ll get nothing but future complaints and lose customers to boot. Be honest!

Ø  Tip 242: Involve the Community
If the community is involved in reviewing and commenting on your product then
it’s a great way of advertising.

Ø  Tip 243: Have a Party
If you sell something like cosmetics or kitchen-ware, encourage customers to
hold a party and give them a commission on anything that sells.

Ø  Tip 244: Find the Emotion
People buy based on what emotion they are feeling or needing, and not because
of logical thought. Discover the emotion and use it.

Ø  Tip 245: Be Accepting
Accept a person as they are and not how you want them to be. Just because you
want them to be rich or full of enthusiasm for your product doesn’t mean they are
going to be.

Ø  Tip 246: Let the Customer get Tactile
And by this I mean with the product, not with you. If he can touch it he will want it

Ø  Tip 247: Have a Wingman
Use a co-worker or friend as your security blanket and use him to boost your
Confidence while you make the sale.

Ø  Tip 248: Category Choice
If you’re selling items online then make sure you place it in the right category. If
you’re selling a vehicle but mistakenly put it in the garden furniture section then
you’ve just lost a few thousand dollars.

Ø  Tip 249: Take Pictures
If you need to place your item online or in the classifieds then make sure you
take a good picture of it in a well lit area.

Ø  Tip 250: Product Tips
If possible, offer tips on how to use your product or service so that customers can
see just how easy it is.

Ø  Tip 251: Google Alert
Using Google Alert will let you know when someone has used your name on their
website, blog or Twitter etc, giving you opportunity to answer any questions or
concerns that may have been brought up.

Ø  Tip 252: Top ten List
Have your own top ten lists to keep track of your ten best prospects, and
encourage them to move towards a sale.

Ø  Tip 253: Good Contacts
Always strive to make new contacts every day to broaden your market range.

Ø  Tip 254: Exceed Customer Expectations
If a customer asks “is it too much trouble to…?” tell him nothing is too much
trouble, because when it comes to making a sale nothing should be too much

Ø  Tip 255: Make a Difference
Rise above the competition and do things that will make a difference to your

Ø  Tip 256: Be Ready
Be ready for anything or anyone that comes along. Being ready means you’re
prepared to make that sale.

Ø  Tip 257: Mention Awards or Testimonials
If you’ve received an award or testimonial for your product or business, mention it
to your customer. It will reassure him that you are a business that takes pride and
can be trusted.

Ø  Tip 258: Keep it Simple
Don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be.

Ø  Tip 259: Innovate
Continually look for ways in which to make serve your customer and make them
feel important.

Ø  Tip 260: Be Grateful
Send new customers a simple thank you card to show them you appreciate their
business. word of mouth is a great seller, and when they tell their colleagues or
friends you might have even more customers.

Ø  Tip 261: Buy a Lotto Ticket
Sending a lotto ticket to a prospect with a little note saying something along the
lines of “I’ve given you the chance to win big, how about giving me a chance
too?” gets attention and hopefully an appointment.

Ø  Tip 262: Fax Humor
Keep customers smiling by sending those faxes of jokes and amusing cover

Ø  Tip 263: Introduce Staff
Introduce staff so that if a customer has to deal with a staff member in your
absence they will know who they are and will feel more comfortable.

Ø  Tip 264: Use the Radio
Consumers listen to the radio 24 hours a day, so advertising your product on it
will mean you reach literally thousands of people daily.

Ø  Tip 265: Maintain
Ensure that you maintain your business and don’t let it slump because it’s not
working as you want it too. You can build it up if you look after it.

Ø  Tip 266: Family Photos
Have photos of your family on your desk to help customers see you are a family
man and not just a salesman.

Ø  Tip 267: Compatibility
If there’s a compatibility issue between you and the customer realise it and hand
the business over to another staff member before the customer walks away.

Ø  Tip 268: Determination
Stay determined to not only making it work, but to provide the best service
possible for your clients.

Ø  Tip 269: Dedication
Be as dedicated to the job at hand as possible so that you don’t lose interest in
making the sale.

Ø  Tip 270: Try it on for Size
If you sell clothing or shoes make sure there is a place where your customers
can try on the garments prior to buying.

Ø  Tip 271: Manage your Business
Don’t let your business manage you. Stay in control at all times.

Ø  Tip 272: Know your Niche
Find out what your niche is, and use it to your advantage by providing what is

Ø  Tip 273: Pick your Time
Making a telephone call at dinner time sounds rude, but very often it is the best
time as everyone is home and you are more likely to get a direct answer rather
than a “I’ll have to ask the wife.”

Ø  Tip 274: Clean it Up
Make sure what you’re selling is clean beforehand. No-one wants to buy dirty
clothes, even if they are second hand. And it’s the same with things like vehicles
or carpets too.

Ø  Tip 275: Don’t Make your Customers Wait
Nobody likes waiting around like a spare part for someone to come and serve
them. if you see a customer who likes like they’re waiting go and ask if you can
help them.

Ø  Tip 276: Batteries not Included?
If you sell something that requires batteries before it can be used, supply them. it
can make all the difference between someone buying it straight away or turning it
down because they don’t want the extra hassle of having to find batteries.

Ø  Tip 277: Supply your Own
Don’t just rely on a manufacturer’s description on an item, or what it can do.
Supply your own insight to a product to let the customer see what a ‘real’
person’s view is.

Ø  Tip 278: Stay in Control
Stay in control of a sale and you’ll stay in control of your business. Don’t let
things get out of hand or you might end up out of pocket.

Ø  Tip 278: Copy the Customer
If you copy or repeat what the customer has expressed to you it will have 2
effects. It will show your customer that you listened to him, and it will help you to
remember what was said for future reference.

Ø  Tip 279: Ask Open Ended Questions
“What would benefit you the most from our product?” instead of “Can you see the
benefit?” leads on to answers that you can actually work with.

Ø  Tip 280: Don’t be Choosy
It doesn’t matter who you sell to, so long as you sell. So don’t be too choosy just
because you don’t like the look of someone.

Ø  Tip 281: Let People Know
Wherever you may be, let people know what you’re selling. Even at social
gatherings it can be dropped into a conversation.

Ø  Tip 282: Keep It Fresh
If you’re selling things like flowers or plants then make sure they are fresh. Noone
wants to buy things that are only going to last a day before wilting.

Ø  Tip 283: Check Those Dates
If you sell food items then make sure you check the expiration dates regularly.
No-one will continue to buy from a grocer whose food is off.

Ø  Tip 284: Broken Packaging?
It is still sellable. Offer it at a discount and make some money from it.

Ø  Tip 285: Display Models
If someone wants to buy something and you only have a display model left, sell it
at a knocked-down price to ensure the sale. You’ll be getting more in anyway.

Ø  Tip 286: Safe Environment
Make sure that the environment you sell in is safe for the customers. Accidents
can mean lawsuits.

Ø  Tip 287: Respect
Even if you don’t like a person you need to respect them as a customer if you
want them to buy something from you.

Ø  Tip 288: Agree to Disagree
Sometimes you just can’t reach a compromise, in which case it’s better to agree
to disagree and move on rather than waste any more time.

Ø  Tip 289: Customers Have an Opinion
Let your customers voice their opinions, even if you don’t agree with them.
they’re entitled to it and you might make a sale because of it.

Ø  Tip 290: Showing your Hand too Soon
If you do this then you might end up selling for a lower price than you wanted.
Hold off a little and see if your customer will come up in price a little more.

Ø  Tip 291: Be Authentic
This means being open about your concerns and issues with a client. Letting
them know that not everything can be achieved, and asking them what is most
important to them leaves a good impression and gets the sale.

Ø  Tip 292: Make it About the Customer
The customer should come first in a conversation and you and the product
should come second.

Ø  Tip 293: Be Flexible
Show your client that you are prepared to be flexible in order to make the deal
work for them.

Ø  Tip 294: Assume the Best
Always assume the best in a deal even when others give up on it.

Ø  Tip 295: Mind your Manners
Be polite at all times. More sales are lost because of rudeness than anything

Ø  Tip 296: Show the Product Again
Ask if the customer would like another test drive or if they’d like to try the shoes
on again to reinforce the customer’s want for the item.

Ø  Tip 297: Price Items Clearly
Pricing items clearly stops any confusion and prevents customers getting
frustrated and leaving.

Ø  Tip 298: Accommodating Early Birds
Allowing early birds to get the best of the bargains can be unfair to those
customers who wait until the proper time who are prepared to pay the full asking

Ø  Tip 299: Take Down Old Signs
Old signs can be misleading to new customers so make sure they are taken
down when a specific offer has ended.

Ø  Tip 300: Determine Needs
Determining the needs of your customers will determine how you go about
making the sale.

Ø  Tip 301: Demonstration
Give a demonstration of the knife, kite or television you are selling. Customers
like to see exactly what a product is capable of before they buy it.

Ø  Tip 302: Ask an Exploratory Question
Start well from the get-go by asking a question that helps the customer clarify his
own thoughts.

Ø  Tip 303: Have Change Ready
If you are selling at a yard or garage sale then make sure you have plenty of
change to start it with. You’ll lose a customer if they want to buy a $5 item and
you don’t have change for the #20 bill they have.

Ø  Tip 304: Under Cover
Try to provide cover for your customers in hot or wet weather. This is especially
important for yard sales

Ø  Tip 305: PowerPoint
Create a PowerPoint presentation with lots of graphics which depict the benefits
Of your product or service.

Ø  Tip 306: Don’t Overwhelm your Clients
Some customers can be extremely shy or reserved, so try not to overwhelm them
with your personality or they could make a run for it.

Ø  Tip 307: Make the Booking Process Easy
If you provide a service that someone needs to book, make sure the booking
process is easily understandable.

Ø  Tip 308: Create the Desire to Buy
In order to make a sale you need to create in the customer a desire to buy. If a
product is what the customer desires then it will be sold.

Ø  Tip 309: Make the Call
If you promised your contact or customer that you would call them, make sure
that you do, or you can wave goodbye to the sale.

Ø  Tip 310: Relaxed Networking
Networking to advertize is one thing, but relaxed networking is specifically to form
relationships which can then go on to create customers.

Ø  Tip 311: White Glove Treatment
Treating your customers as though they are the most important person in the
world sets the stage for a great sale.

Ø  Tip 312: Subliminal Branding:
These are meaningful touch-points that can be effective without you being in the
customers face.

Ø  Tip 313: Join Forces
Join forces with another company or business. You might both learn something
new and gain from it.

Ø  Tip 314: Professional Greeting
A simple “Hello” and then jumping straight into the sales pitch doesn’t let your
customer participate. “Hello Mr. Smith, how are you today?” does.

Ø  Tip 315: Sell in Bulk
Selling larger quantities for a discount price will encourage buyers to purchase

Ø  Tip 316: Event Marketing
This isn’t simply for retail. An open house with coffee and desserts is a great way
to meet potential new customers.

Ø  Tip 317: Be a Problem Solver
If your product can solve a problem for a customer then that person will buy it
from you.

Ø  Tip 318: Be Accessible
Answer those calls that you’re tempted to ignore. Respond to emails when you
can’t be bothered. Basically be accessible to your customers.

Ø  Tip 319: Beat the Beast
The beast inside you is the voice that tells you to take the easy option. Ignore it.
Selling is hard work – period.

Ø  Tip 320: Make Calls
You have to make calls if you want to make sales, so tell yourself you’re going to
cal x amount of people a day – and do it.

Ø  Tip 321: Ignore the News
The news is full of stories about a bad economy, but taking heed of all that
negativity will doom your career. Think positive and ignore the news.

Ø  Tip 322: ‘Fess Up
Admit it when you make a mistake. You’re human and your customers like you
that way.

Ø  Tip 323: A – B – C
Always Be Closing – enough said.

Ø  Tip 324: Beat the Addiction
Don’t get addicted to making a profit. Just get hooked on making one sale at a

Ø  Tip 325: Project Authority
Make what you say believable and not outrageous in order to project authority
and make clients feel confident.

Ø  Tip 326: Keep Your Customers
Keep your customer curious as to what will happen when the sale is completed.
Curiosity is a very powerful tool.

Ø  Tip 327: Don’t Waste Time
People’s time is valuable, and that goes for your customers’ as well as your own.
So don’t waste it.

Ø  Tip 328: Makes Sense
You make sense to yourself, but you need to make sense to your customer too.
Don’t waffle on about nonsense.

Ø  Tip 329: Differentiate
Offer a solution to a problem that’s better than anyone else’s.

Ø  Tip 330: Give and Get
Offer something of value to the customer, and get a sale in return.

Ø  Tip 331: Delegate
You have to know when it’s a good time to delegate work to someone else as
this frees you up to concentrate on other things.

Ø  Tip 332: Create a Chain
To make endless sales you need to have an endless chain of prospects.

Ø  Tip 333: Relax
You won’t sell anything when you’re so stressed out you can’t even speak.

Ø  Tip 334: Call to Action
Make sure that any advertizing has a ‘call to action’ statement such as: “Phone
us today for a…”

Ø  Tip 335: Conviction
Your customers have to have conviction in a product before they will buy it, so
make sure they have all the facts about it.

Ø  Tip 336: Packaging
Packaging your product is all important. You won’t get many buyers if you just
throw your stuff in a tatty brown box.

Ø  Tip 337: Determine the Cost
You have to know how much something costs before you can sell it for a profit.
When determining the cost ensure you add any taxes, labor and shipping costs.

Ø  Tip 338: Pre-empt the Next Sale
Pre-empting gives you the opportunity to sell more of your product at a later date.

Ø  Tip 339: Never say “Proven”
Using words like “proven” is like going to a policeman and telling him you’re a
thief. People distrust it.

Ø  Tip 340: Highlights
You might use highlight in a presentation, but never use red or yellow as both
colors can trigger bad moods.

Ø  Tip 341: Make a Connection:
Make a connection with the buyer as soon as possible. Find a common ground
such as golf or fishing.

Ø  Tip 342: Don’t Hesitate
Hesitation in your voice sounds like you’re unsure about your product.

Ø  Tip 343: Don’t Show Insecurity
If you want your customer to feel secure about your product then you must show
that you are also secure about it.

Ø  Tip 344: Spot Buyers
You need to learn how to tell the difference between a buyer and a ‘tire-kicker’ to
save time and make money.

Ø  Tip 345: Stay Visible
The more you network and advertize, the more visible you are and the more
customers you will get.

Ø  Tip 346: Publicity
No publicity is bad publicity, so have a press release on a new item, or make
friends with a reporter.

Ø  Tip 347: Sales Incentives for Staff
Offer your staff bonuses like time off or extra cash, and see how much your
profits increase.

Ø  Tip 348: Encourage Up-selling
Make sure that your staff is aware of up-selling a product in order for your
business to make a little more cash.

Ø  Tip 349: The Inside Scoop
Giving customers the inside scoop on upcoming sales will mean they buy
something today and come back again for the sale next week.

Ø  Tip 350: Customer Tiers:
Make sure your regular customers know there is a difference between them and
other customers with loyalty bonuses etc.

Ø  Tip 351: Free Samples
Free samples are a great way of increasing sales, especially when there is a
complete range of products from the same company.

Ø  Tip 352: Be Prepared:
Making a phone call expecting to get voicemail can be a bad mistake, especially
if the customer answers and you aren’t prepared.

Ø  Tip 353: Add 1
Suggest 1 additional item to each customer, and see how many actually do buy
it. It’s a great way for boosting sales.

Ø  Tip 354: Develop Skills
Set 1 day a month aside where you can brush up on your selling skills.

Ø  Tip 355: Read
Reading books related to your industry will give you more insight into it and
expand your knowledge.

Ø  Tip 356: Pause
Sometimes known as the pregnant pause, this will sometimes prompt the
customer to say something they hadn’t meant to say, and it gives you more

Ø  Tip 357: Be Early
Getting to the office early each day gives you more time to prepare for the day

Ø  Tip 358: Customer Suggestions
Suggest an idea to help a customer with his business and build a relationship
with him.

Ø  Tip 359: Buyer Discounts:
Offering customers something such as $10 off for every $300 spent is a great
way of getting people to spend more.

Ø  Tip 360: Payment Plans

Giving customers the option of a payment plan can make all the difference to a
small sale and a large one.

Ø  Tip 361: Lay-Away
Offer a lay-away service so that your customers can spread the cost of their

Ø  Tip 362: Don’t be Reluctant
If you have to do cold calls then try not to show reluctance and make them when
you feel the most energized.

Ø  Tip 363: Opening Statement
Do some preparations in advance by writing an opening statement to use when

Ø  Tip 364: Beat the Gatekeepers
Gatekeepers, otherwise known as secretaries, stand guard between you and
your customer. Make friends with them and gain entry.

Ø  Tip 365: Be Persistent
Persistence always pays off, so don’t give up after the second or third call. Keep
at it!

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