Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Article Directory Mega List

This is a list of working article directories that have produced results for me. It took me almost a year to research and join all of these directories! 

You will also find that there are a lot of niche specific directories which can be a good source of traffic. You can use the submitter that comes with this report to submit to all of these directories and you will get massive backlinks and propel your articles to the top of the search engines! It will take some time, however, to join them all and set them up in the submitter. A lot of them are already in the submitter's database, but you will need to add many of them. 

However, the time it takes to do this will pay off in the end. 

Directory List

 Ezine Articles - http://ezinearticles.com 

Go Articles - http://goarticles.com 

Articles Base - http://articlesbase.com 

Article Snatch - http://articlesnatch.com 

Buzzle - http://buzzle.com 

Pub Articles - http://pubarticles.com 

Amazines - http://amazines.com 

Dashboard - http://articledashboard.com 

Article World - http://articleworld.com 

Idea Marketers - http://ideamarketers.com 

SearchWarp - http://searchwarp.com 

Article Alley - http://articlealley.com 

A1 Articles - http://a1articles.com

Excellent Guide - http://excellentguide.com 

iSnare - http://www.isnare.com/ 

Article Directory - http://articledirectory.com 

Expert Articles - http://expertarticles.com 

Who Let the Blog Out - http://wholettheblogout.com/submitjokes/signup.php 

What Is It Encyclopedia - http://www.what-is-it.org/signup.php 

Wedding Articles.net - http://www.weddingarticles.net/ 

UR Articles - http://www.urarticles.com/ 

Tip Bus - http://www.tipbus.com/ 

The Content Corner - http://thecontentcorner.com/ 

Sports Articles - http://www.sports-articles.net/ 

Spiritualosophy - http://www.spiritualosophy.com/articles/ 

Spanish-Articles.com - http://www.spanish-articles.com/ 

Small Business Advertising Articles - http://www.smallbusinessadvertisingarticles.com/signup.php 

Short Writeups - http://www.shortwriteups.com/signup.php 

RichAffiliatesNow.com - http://www.richaffiliatesnow.com/articles/ 

Recipes-Indian - http://www.recipes-indian.com/ 

Neo Article.com - http://neoarticle.com/ 

My Garden Hose - http://www.my-garden-hose.com/ 

Music Info Library - http://musicinfolibrary.com/ 

Article Depot - http://www.articledepot.co.uk/ 

McSweeney10.net - http://www.mcsweeny10.net/articles/ 

Leadership Articles - http://www.leadershiparticles.net/ 

LDA Information - http://www.ldainformation.net/ 

All Infos Online - http://www.infoecash.com/ 

Health Articles World - http://www.healtharticlesworld.com/signup.php 

Health-Articles.org - http://www.health-articles.org/ 

Guru Marketing Articles.com - http://www.gurumarketingarticles.com/ 

Golf Articles - http://www.golfarticles.net/ 

Go-See.info - http://www.go-see.info/ 

Globetrekkerarticles (travel niche) - http://www.globetrekkerarticles.com/ FunPersonality.com 

(humor niche) - http://www.funpersonality.com/signup.php 

Fresh Article Directory - http://www.fresh-article-directory.com/

Fractal Articles (spirituality niche) - http://www.fractalarticles.fractalicawakening.com/ 

Family Garden Home - http://www.familygardenhome.com/ 

Ezine Directory - http://www.ezine-directory.info/ EZ 

GO Articles - http://www.ezgoarticles.com/ 

EarnOnlineJobs.com - http://www.earnonlinejobs.com/ 

TMT Articles - http://www.e-tmt.net/ 

Down Slam Articles - http://www.downslam.com/signup.php 

Credit Repair Thoughts - http://www.creditrepairthoughts.org/ 

ClickNewz.biz - http://www.clicknews.biz/ 

BunchWire.com - http://www.bunchwire.com/ 

Better Golf Articles - http://www.bettergolfarticles.com/ 

Avid Articles - http://www.avidarticles.com/ 

Articles Top List - http://www.articlestoplist.com/ 

Article Showroom - http://www.articleshowroom.com/ 

ArticlesHouse.info - http://www.articleshouse.info/ 

ArticlesArticles.net - http://www.articlesarticles.net/ 

Articles4Reprint - http://articles4reprint.com/signup.php 

Article Rich - http://www.articlerich.com/ 

Article Slash - http://www.articleslash.net/ 

Article Nexus - http://www.articlenexus.com/ 

Article Cat - http://articlecat.com 

Article Motron - http://www.articlemotron.com/

 Article Cube - http://articlecube.com 

Article King Pro - http://www.articlekingpro.com/ 

ArticleGolf.com - http://www.articlegolf.com/ 

ArticleExchange - http://www.articleexchange.net/ 

ArticleCo - http://www.articleco.com/ 

Article Cell - http://www.articlecell.com/ 

ArticleCastle.com - http://www.articlecastle.com/signup.php 

Yugler - http://www.yugler.com/ 

Writer's Pen - http://writerspenarticledirectory.com 

Work-At-Home-4-U - http://www.work-at-home-4-u.com/articles 

Wellness Article Library - http://wellnessarticlelibrary.com 

uPublish - http://upublish.info 

Travel Article Library - http://travelarticlelibrary.com 

The Article World - http://thearticleworld.com 

Pure Articles - http://purearticle.com 

Professional Article Marketing.com - http://professionalarticlemarketing.com 

Online Gambling Information Articles - http://onlinegamblinginformation.com 

New Article Seek - http://newarticleseek.com 

Money Article Library - http://moneyarticlelibrary.com 

Marketing Article Library - http://marketingarticlelibrary.com 

Kimbol - http://kimbol.com/articles 

Joe Russell.ca - http://www.joerussell.ca/articledirectory/ 

InfoTelly Community - http://www.infotelly.com/article_dashboard/ 

Great Articles for Moms - http://www.greatarticlesformoms.com/ 

Good Articles - http://www.good-articles.com/ 

Gambling Strategy Guide - http://gamblingstrategyguide.com 

Free Web Contents - http://freewebcontents.com 

Free Wedding Articles - http://www.free-wedding-articles.net/ 

The Free Article Depot - http://www.free-article-depot.com/ 

Ezine Articles.mk - http://www.ezinearticles.mk/ 

Everyones Articles - http://www.everyonesarticles.com/ 

eArticles Online - http://www.earticlesonline.com/ 

DIY Article Library - http://diyarticlelibrary.com 

Unique Article Directorys - http://www.directorys.uniquearticles.info/ 

Deposit Articles - http://www.depositarticles.com/ 

Deep Articles.com - http://www.deeparticles.com/ 

Build Your Content - http://www.buildyourcontent.com/articles/ 

BiStar Public Articles - http://www.bistar.com/articles/ 

Articulos Ahora - http://www.articulosahora.com/ 

Article Wealth - http://www.articlewealth.com/ 

Article Wagon - http://www.articlewagon.com/ 

Article Vista - http://www.articlevista.com/ 

Article Viral - http://www.articleviral.com/ 

Article Trunk - http://www.articletrunk.com/ 

5 Star Articles - http://www.5star-articles.com/ Y

our Article Directory - http://www.yourarticle.info/ 

Ton Articles.com - http://www.tonarticles.com/ 

The Article Hub - http://www.thearticlehub.com/signup.php 

Spirit Articles.com - http://www.spiritarticles.com/ 

Spells4Free.com - http://www.spells4free.com/ 

Medical Support Forum.com - http://www.medicalsupportforum.com/ 

FiveStarArticles.com - http://www.fivestararticles.com/ 

ArticlesNetwork.com - http://www.articlesnetwork.com/ 

Articles4Sites.com - http://www.articles4sites.com/ 

Safer Online Dating Articles - http://www.articles.safer-online-dating-services.com/ 

Christian Articles For Today's Living - http://www.articles.narrowisthepath.com/ 

Article Marketing.org - http://www.articlemarketing.org/ 

Article Karma - http://www.articlekarma.com/ 

Article Online Directory - http://www.articleonlinedirectory.com/ 

Article Feeder - http://articlefeeder.com 

Bharat Bhasha - http://www.bharatbhasha.com/ 

ArticleFree - http://www.articlefree.info/ 

Article Fair - http://www.articlefair.com/ 

LinkSnoop.com - http://www.linksnoop.com/article_submit.php 

Article Content King - http://www.article-content-king.com/ 

ArticlesHaven - http://www.articleshaven.com/ 

Website Fuel - http://www.websitefuel.com/request.html 

Article Emporium - http://www.article-emporium.com/ 

Article World.net - http://www.articleworld.net/ 

Article Click - http://articleclick.com/ 

Article Trader - http://www.articletrader.com/ 

Articles Factory - http://www.articlesfactory.com/ 

Sooper Articles - http://www.sooperarticles.com/ 

Snipsly – http://snipsly.com 

EzineMark - http://www.ezinemark.com/ 

Article Blast - http://www.articleblast.com/ 

Article Pros - http://www.articlepros.com/ 

Article Gold - http://www.articlegold.com/ 

Articles Alley - http://www.articlesalley.com/ 

Author Palace - http://www.authorpalace.com/ 

Article Monkeys - http://www.articlemonkeys.com/ 

Smarticle Directory - http://smarticledirectory.com/ 

Unique Articles - http://www.uniquearticles.info/ 

Articles of Info - http://www.articlesofinfo.com/ 

Talkinmince - http://www.talkinmince.com/ 

111 Articles - http://www.111articles.info/

 Uber Articles - http://uberarticles.com/ 

Apex Article Base - http://www.apexarticlebase.com/ 

Positive Articles - http://www.positivearticles.com/ 

Articles888 - http://www.articles888.com/ 

Article Creek - http://www.articlecreek.com/ 

Ezine Article Exchange - http://www.ezine-article-exchange.com/ 

Business Highlight - http://www.businesshighlight.org/ 

Easy Articles - http://www.easyarticles.com/ 

Article Trunk - http://www.articletrunk.com/ 

1 Article World - http://www.1articleworld.com/

 Article Basement - http://www.articlebasement.com/ 

Articleguidedir - http://www.articleguidedir.com/ 

in45 - http://in45.com/ 

Article Online Directory - http://www.articleonlinedirectory.com/ 

Article Sphere - http://www.articlesphere.com/ 

Articles Haven - http://www.articleshaven.com/ 

Article Beach - http://www.articlebeach.com/ 

 I hope you enjoy this list of directories. Remember, you must take action to see results! 


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