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How To Make Money On Fiverr By Selling Services – Complete Guide

There are thousands of sources available on internet to make money from but people only go for good and easier one.In our recent article we listed many good ways to make money online if you missed that article read it here.
In that article we talked about Fiverr and promised you to post a complete guide on Fiverr to make money from it.So here are complete guide.Read out everything about How to Make Money On Fiverr.
Things We Will Share in Article are : 
  • Introduction
  • Completing Your Profile
  • Creating a Gig
  • Wonderful Gig ideas that will grab more sales
  • Promotion of Gig for more Sales
  • Top Sellers Advice To Shine On Fiverr

  • Introduction

    What is Fiverr ?

    Fiverr is a Marketplace for Professional services where you can buy or sell  services.Fiverr is good source for  those who have a real talent and wants to sell it for money.Fiverr is Five dollar market where you can buy and sell anything for just 5$.Making money from Fiverr is much easier method all you need to do is sell a real and professional services.
    Sign Up and Completing your Profile

    To sign up for Fiverr just go on there sign up page and choose any one method, you can even do sign up with Facebook and Google Plus.
    After joining you must have to compete your profile before selling your service because people wouldn’t buy anything from anonymos.You must have your own profile picture or your business logo on fiverr and a professional bio about you or your business.
    These two easy steps will make your profile look attractive to attract some buyers.
    Creating a Gig

    Getting buyers is actually a talent and only master minds can do it well.To attract buyers on Fiverr its  all depends upon your Gig.A creative Gig in which your service is well explained with examples and portfolio can sell more then others.There are lot of factors depends on to create you gig to attract more buyers.Lets break down this part.
    Gig Title – Catchy Title is thing that buyer read first on your Gig if the title is not so good buyer will not click on it to get more information about your service.So here are some point to remember while writing a Gig title.
  • Title should not be too long because long title doesn’t show full on Fiverr’s home page.The title should be in range of 60-80 letters.
  • Cover only good about your service in title.
  • Grab buyers attention by adding some words like “Unlimited”.

  • Category – Fiverr offer many category to put your Gig in.It is also a important to drop your gig in right category because it helps buyers to find your Gig easily.
    Example – If you are selling Facebook and Twitter followers then it should be go in Online Marketing category.
    Gig Gallery – Gig with no pictures looks like Dumb and will not attract  any buyer.So to ensure your service to be sold, Please must upload at least 4 to 5 pictures.You can upload pictures of your recent work done to show buyers that how good is your service but make sure your all pictures must be original.
    Another thing you can do,upload a video that is made by you on your service for Fiverr.Video is recommended by Fiverr because according to them A Gig with video Sell 300% more than that of other.
    Description – A well defined Gig will not only clear the doubts of your buyers but also give you the opportunity to convince a buyer to buy your service. This is the only way where you can share advantages and limitation of you gig to let the buyers know about it without contacting you personally.
    Duration – Duration is maximum time that you will take to deliver your order.Of course duration must be less and make sure to deliver your order at time.
    Instructions for Buyers – It is last but important of them all.You must have to enlist your requirements from buyers which you want to complete your order.Like if you are giving Followers to buyers make sure to get all important things like on which account he want followers.Good and well listed Instruction can help you to start your order immediately because you already got everything to start your job.
    Promoting a Gig for Sales

    After creating a Gig, promotion of that Gig becomes essential,Gig with no promotion will take no or very rare sales to you.You can share your gig on social media to get people know about your service but this will only work if you have huge fan following on social media.So the another way to promote your Gig is already inside Fiverr which is Buyers Requests.
    Every day lot of people make requests on Fiverr to find out great sellers.To get their requests just Go to “My Sales” and then click on “Buyers Requests”.
    You can send limited numbers offers to buyers so make sure to send offer to those buyers whose demands matches with your Gig.
    Other option is to join the Fiverr Seller’s Linkedin group to post your problems there and learn new strategies  to shine on Fiverr.
    Gig Ideas

    On Fiverr you can sell and buy anything thats why it is called largest marketplace.To grab some nice money from Fiverr your gig or service must have something that are trending in market.So before you create your first Gig i would like to suggest you some popular services that always bring more sales.
    • Graphics and Animations – This category covers services like Photoshop,Logo Design,Posters and Vectors.This type of things are high demanding on internet.People who wants good logo for their business always come to Fiverr to get their work done.

    • Writing – It is another good category to create your Gigs.Articles are one of most important thing and everyone wants good  and in depth article.So many of bloggers and others will come here to get a best article written about their topic.

    • Online Marketing – Marketing your blog can give you good traffic but it is hard to find cheap services for marketing.So you can create gig about marketing and it covers many categories like traffic,Backlinks and more.
    Fiverr Sellers Level

    There are level badges on Fiverr which are  Level 1, Level 2 and Top Rated Seller for sellers and this will be given to those who fulfill the requirements of Fiverr.If your level is high more buyers will trust you and hence more sales on your Gig.You can get more information about Fiverr Levels from here.
    To get the Top Seller badge on Fiverr is everyone’s dream and we personally contacted some of Top sellers to get their strategies that they are using to get more sales.So read out what tricks Top Sellers are using on Fiverr.
     Top Sellers Advice To Shine on Fiverr

    Amaze Solution
    We believe the key for a successful Gig is to create a clear and detailed explanation of the service, giving details to reassure the potential buyer. Devotion to your work is also fundamental: we work 24h taking care of every aspect of our service and to always respond to every message we receive and help customers as far as we can, even post-sale. Customer support is very, very important!

    1. Always deliver on time.
    2. Offer bonuses/over deliver.
    3. Adopt a customer is always right mentality.
    4. Constantly tweak your Gig to improve its appeal and your conversion rate.
    5. Offer consultancy as to what will work best.
    6. Treat small orders and those that order Gig extras with the same professionalism – you never know what might come of a good first impression.
    7. Use a video in your promotion and if possible some portfolio.
    8. If a review is unfair or unjust but don’t go too heavy on this – it’s only natural that you get some bad reviews with volume of orders. Opinions are opinions (even if they are wrong!).
    9. Be accurate and pinpoint with your gig description.
    10. Offer custom gigs for queries that don’t quite match your gig description BUT only if you can deliver.
    Sites Like Fiverr – Fiverr Alternatives

    If you want to sell your services on more websites then there are many Fiverr Alternatives and some are listed below.
    • SEOClerks

    • PeoplePerHour

    • Fourerr


    There are many more ways available to make money from internet but Fiverr is the easiest of them all.Be sure to follow this guide and Top Seller’s advice and i am sure you will get positive results.
    Have any questions about this guide? Please leave your questions below in comment.If you have any addition tip then share this with us in comments after all Sharing is Caring.


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