List Exploding Lead Page Secrets How To Create Lead Pages That Convert and How To Get Traffic To Them! 

Generating leads online is the foundation of your business. Its the first chance you get to connect with someone new. Your lead page is the first thing people will see when they visit you. 

Generating huge profits online is a very simple task. Yet so many people just screw it up. And I mean screw it up bad. If your interest is to have success in your business using the internet. 

This Lead Page Sniper program is going to give you that success. But I must warn you. The information is very powerful if you use it right. By the end of this article you will have all the tools, tips, strategies, lessons, information, words of advice, suggestions, inside secrets, and knowledge to make it big with this internet marketing thing. 

And It All Comes Down To One Thing ….. Are you ready? You Taking Action With What You Learned. 

If you see a stat that says something like this... 95% of the people who try to make money online fail. Why? Because 95% of those people read a report like this, put it on the shelf, and did nothing. 5% of those killing online, is because they take action. 

So don't screw this up and not take Action

 Lead Page Basics I am going to lay out the very basics of what it takes to make a lead page work. Start off by giving away a free offer in exchange for an email address. 

This can be in the form of Pdf, video, or email course. And your free offer can be something very simple.

 “#1 tip to lose weight”, “7 day make money online course”, or even “1 tip to increase traffic to your website today”. On your lead page there should only be text, one graphic, and an Optin form. 

No sidebar on a blog here, your lead page is a single html page. Your free offer is a way to get someone as a subscriber to your list. 

Once they are on your list it will be your job to build rapport and build trust. Building rapport is about sending more emails out each day with free offers, tips, and other knowledge. And as you build the rapport you can start to introduce other products to sell. 

After all you are in the business to make money. If your not here to make money then you should look for something else to do, like find a job. Your list is your little ATM, and you have to treat it right. 

This is the place that I see so many people screw this up. They think that the email is about spamming them with offer after offer. And that is a great way to get your subscriber to leave your list. Sure you don't want people on your list that don't want to be there. But don't give them a reason to leave. Spamming an offer over and over will have people leaving your list very fast. 

So dont be that guy/girl. Build trust and respect with your list and they will reward you for it. Lead Page System If you want to make the big bucks you're going to have to set up a marketing funnel. The lead page is the first step in that funnel. Your funnel is the way to move people through and out to a sale. 

You want to move your subscribers off your free offer list and on to your buyers list. The subscribers are not making you any money. Its people who take action and buy your product. So as quickly as you can get them to move down your marketing funnel the quicker you start to make money. There are 3 main parts to the lead page opt in. 

1. The headline. This is the place to grab that person who landed on your page. It needs to be Big and Loud. Smack the person right in the face. One huge benefit should be solved in the headline. 

2. Call to Action, tell that person what to do. “enter your email here” 

3. The optin form. This is the small piece of html code that collects the email and then is organized from a 3rd party backend company. Aweber and Getresponse are the leaders now, who handle all your email marketing. Keeping things simple is going to be your way to success. 

When someone lands on your page, they need to be focused on one thing and that is entering their email. If you have to much going on with your page, you may lose people quickly. And what I mean is to have a page that loads very fast. 

The best way to get a fast loading page is to only use text. I use text for all my lead pages because they load almost instantly. 

One of my  hosting is Amazon and s3. This service is crazy fast and they cache your page to show up across the world. And the best part. I pay less than $10 per month to use this service. Its almost a crime how cheap Amazon s3 is to host your lead pages. But dont tell anyone, I dont want Amazon raising their pricing. Im sure you have been to alot of lead pages to see how others are doing. Well all the good marketers make sure the entire page loads inside the fold. Or above the fold. And what that means is have everything on your page load in the monitor screen. If a user has to scroll down to enter their email. 

You may be losing people by them having to work. I know it sound crazy, but we are all lazy and if we have to scroll down the page with our mouse, then we would rather move on to another page. 

And you don't want to give any excuse for someone to leave your page. And last is to make it clear what you want your subscriber to do. “Enter your email here” You would think that people would figure this out. But you have to explain it. 

The Opt In Process We are now going to get into the philosophy behind the opt in process. And what to do once you have a new subscriber. When you are brainstorming what your offer will be. Always remember this. The higher the value of your offer, the more optins you get. 

Quick Tip: The offer should be something quick and simple. 

“1 tip for more website traffic” will do way better for optins than “38 ways ways to get more traffic to your website” You may think that the more info you give the better. But people don't have time, they want an instant solution and they want it now. Something quick and simple will out pull all day long. Your optin page MUST have an optin form. 

Yes it sounds crazy, but the whole point of the Optin is to get an email address to follow up later. This is another place that I see people screw this up. They have a page with a download link and no optin form. After the Optin… 

Once you get the email what is next? 

You have 2 options… The first option is to send your new subscriber to a thank you page. On this page will be the place you will have the download link to your free offer. Thank you page is not the best option. But here are some other ways to make this page work. Before you give the download, have other links to bonuses. 

These links will go to “click banking” users. What is click banking? You agree to send “x” amount of clicks to someone else. In return you will get the same amount of clicks back. Your swapping clicks for clicks. Go to this facebook group to find quality click banking partners. Send a message to someone on the list and tell them you will send them 100 clicks. Once that is complete you will ask for the clicks back. Also on your thank you page you can put links to other products you own, or affiliate links. 

Since someone is showing an interest in your offer, why not let them know about other great products. Your Second Option…. This is the best out of the 2. One time offer page. Once someone enters their email, your autoresponder will automatically send that person to another page that you have setup. 

A one time offer or OTO is the place to show a product and let the subscriber know that is the only time they will see this offer. Make sure this product is related to your main Free offer on your Lead Page. The OTO could be another product you have, a PLR, or use an affiliate like OTO goldmine. Offer this OTO at a huge discount if the subscriber takes action right now. This is going to be the best option to make the best money. 

And how I offer my OTO is something very small in price. Usually $7 or less. Since the subscriber is coming in for the free product. And your main goal is to get that person off your free offer list and onto your buyers list. Then this OTO should be cheap. I have even given huge amounts of value in an OTO for the price of $1. No you will not get rich with $1. But that person showed interest and actually pulled out their wallet to buy your product. 

They are more likely to buy other products you have to offer. When someone agrees to your OTO they will got to your payment page. Usually paypal, once they complete the sale. Have the subscriber go to a download page that has both the OTO and the free offer. Your Autoresponder …. Now you have to email out your new subscriber, but what do you say? Click here and I have a great product that gives you 12 emails you need to start making money. 

The autoresponder service you use will do all the work for you. But you have to set this up yourself. Once you have it setup then it will do all the sending of your emails. Your free offer email list should have no more than 12 days of emails that go out. Inside these emails you should build rapport, and offer your products to make money. Again your main goal is to get people off your free offer list and onto your buyers list. 

Do this by offering your product in your email series. When someone steps up and makes the purchase your autoresponder will move that user to another list. If after your email series is complete and the subscriber has not made a purchase, then they will never buy from you. And now you have the option to just delete them from your list, or sell solo ads and make money from the non buyers. Selling solo ads is for another product. Maybe down the road I will put together a solo ad report and give you the real deal on making money with them. Lead Page Tools If you are going to build a house you can't show up with no tools. 

The house need nails, wood, concrete, and a hammer. With the right tools you can build the foundation and put your house on top. Lead pages are no different. The foundation is going to be the actual first page template. The nails will be your offer. And the hammer is the autoresponder. These will be the tools to build your online fortune house. 

The template Im going to go over in the next chapter because I want to talk about converting the lead pages. The nails of your house is the offer. And any great offer is going to require a little work on your part to get it up and running. You have a couple of choices on what your offer can be. A free report is going to be the quickest and easiest for to get up and running. Use google docs or your favorite docs program and start typing. 

This does not have to be long maybe a few pages. But it does have to solve a problem. If you have problem you solve with your free report. Turn that into a video, upload it to youtube and use that as your free offer. If you solve a problem and think you can spread it out over 7 days. Make a 7 day course that uses your autoresponder to send out each email. Software is a great free offer that will get tons of optins. Things that will help others do stuff online. 

A great example is wordpress plugins. These plugins help people do things online to make more money, or free up their time. And those are 2 things everyone wants more of. If you are having challenges coming up with ideas to make your report with. Let me give you 2 options. One is using articles. Go to any article directory. Find an article that you feel would be a good free offer. Read the article and then rewrite it into your own words. Never should you just cut and paste the text. For one it will not be in your voice, or tone. 

And people will pick up on that. Second if you cut and paste text, its just the lazy way, and will never get off the ground. The lazy way will keep you broke and still trying to figure this whole thing out. Write your stuff in your own words. Treat this a business and you will do great. Another way to find ideas is look for PLR products. PLR stand for private label rights and is given to you to use the content. Again just read over the PLR information and rewrite it into your own words. Ok so you are just flat out not interested in writing your own content. 

No worries, I gotta covered. Head over to or and find others who are selling there writing servies. You can get a quick report done for you, with very little money. In fact fiverr is just that. $5 jobs that people are willing to do. is a little differenct but you can still find people willing to write up a report for you. The hammer is your autoresponder. 

The website I have always used is Aweber. For $20 per month they will handle all your emails. And I think right now you can get the first month for $1. Give them a try, they are very easy to setup. And the last tool you will need is a way to collect money. Paypal is the leader right now. Because its so easy to get started and put buttons on your website. Inside your paypal account find the tools tab, then create a button for you product. At the end of the button creator put in your download area once someone has purchased your product. If you dont want to use paypal. You can use either clickbank or 2checkout. 

Both will give you a way to collect money. Clickbank and 2checkout require more technical skills when it comes to setting up your page. But they are still a good option if paypal will not work for you. Lead Page That Converts If you want to have real success growing a list, your lead page needs to convert. Or you need to get people to step up and give you their email address. Lets break down exactly what you need to make your page convert at the highest percentage. The first is the template. 

This is the code to setup your page to work on the internet. But don't get stressed out when I say code. Most of this is just upload and its ready. You can either go with a regular html page or something easier like wordpress. The html temple lead pages are very easy to find on the internet. Just do a search for “squeeze page free template” or “lead page free template”. Both should give you a list of places to download a free template. You can just make a few changes to that template and upload it. Changes would be putting in your autoresponder code. Changing the text on the page, and adding your free offer ecover or graphic. 

Another way to get a lead page going quickly is using wordpress and optimizepress theme. Optimizepress is a very good theme and plugin that is a plug and play type system. You just plug in your text for your lead page and it creates the page for you. Graphics on your lead page should be to a minimum. The less graphics you have on the page, the faster the page is going to load. I recommend one graphic and that can be the ebook cover. 

This is just an image of what your ebook or report would look like. The headline is in all text and the color red. Always on top, and should be 3 times the size of the text of your product. The headline needs to grab people's attentions quickly. “How to lose 5 pounds in the next 5 days, without dieting” “How to generate 345 leads in the next 6 days with no list or website” Both of these headlines give a benefit and grab the readers attention. 

The copy of your lead page is another place to show benefits. What I like to do with the copy, or body of the lead page is use bullet points. Bullet points that show the benefit of the free gift you are giving away. The copy can also be a story about how the free gift has either helped you or someone else. The story could also be testimonials of people that have benefited from the product. Just try and tell a story in about 23 sentences that show a benefit. And the last part of your lead page to make it convert is the call to action. 

The part that you ask your visitor to enter in there email. This has to be clearly spelled out for the visitors. Even though you may think it obvious that they should put in there email. Visitors to your page will only what you tell them to do. Tips to Increase Conversions Conversions are getting people to take action. Getting them to enter in there email address. 

These tips are just small thing you can add to your page to get that few extra percentages. Build credibility. And you ask “how can I build credibility if I am first getting started”. Put a nice picture of yourself. This help build you are a real person and not another computer screen. 

Testimonials about you always build credibility. One small trick that I use is take a screenshot of the review and post that as an image. This small image of a testimonial will give you instant credibility. Another great way to get people to convert is is to put in some text letting the visitor know you will not share their email. Since we get so much spam these days, letting people know you will not spam there box will go along way in making them feel good. The visitor will then be more likely to enter in there email. Going back to the simple page. 

Your lead page should be white background with black text. Red headline with body text being black. Keep your page simple and to the point. Lead Page Traffic Getting traffic to your lead page is going to be the final part of having success. And these are going to be some quick tips that will give you some instant traffic. When you get into the traffic thinking mode, its important to think of “Targeted Traffic”. This is traffic that is interested in your offer. 

People looking to lose weight will be interested in health related product. People looking to increase their website conversion will be looking for Internet Marketing Products. SEO will be the first place to get targeted traffic. You want to make sure you page has keyword in the title, and the body that will help search engines rank your page. And then help those searching to find your offer. Backlinks are important because the search engines use this as a guide to rank your page. Places like google will rank your page based on the amount of people that link to your page. 

So great places to get backlinks are submitting your lead page to directories. Submitting your lead page link inside an article. Forums are a great place to insert your link in the signature. And inserting your link on comments at blogs will help the search engines find your page. Ad swaps will be another good place to get traffic to your lead page. Places like safeswaps will let you send out an email with a link to someone else list. And they will mail out to there list with your list. Its basicly a swap of each person mailing to there list each others offer. Warrior forum is a great place to find others that will want to swap ads. 

Do a search for those looking to ad swap and connect with them your information. Just make sure you do some research. There is nothing worse then you mailing for someone else and they don't mail you back. Just make sure the person has some good feedback from others. Social media will be a good place to get traffic to your lead page. Facebook is the king of social media and groups is the place to start. Create a group that is specific to your offer and start gathering people interested. Then make sure to moderate and not let other post junk. You then can post your offer, only after you create value. And last is paid ads. 

There are really thousands of places that you can spend money and get instant traffic. But the places that will give you the best traffic are Google adwords and Facebook ads. They are the most targeted and will convert the best. Conclusion 

Take the information that you learned here and take action. 

Don't let this be another file on your computer. Or another ebook you read and don't do anything with it. Your success will be determined by the amount of action you take. 

Get your lead page up and start sending traffic. You will be amazed that in a couple of months you will have a couple hundred people on your list. 

Thanks for reading