Meet the three-year-old little girl who single handedly delivered a baby lamb

Lilly Nicholas' mother Rachel said she's always helping on the family's farm from cleaning and washing animals to carrying buckets
Three-year-old Lilly Nicholas at home on Crown Farm in Monmouthshire Meet the ‘determined’ little girl who single-handedly delivered a baby lamb on her family’s farm. Three-year-old Lilly Nicholas, who lives on Crown Farm in Raglan with her mother Rachel, father Mark and 10-year-old sister Catherine, delivered the lamb after watching her mother do the same thing minutes before. A video of the birth has since gone viral after Rachel posted it to YouTube, gathering thousands of hits on the site. It shows the courageous little farmer kneeling on straw next to the ewe who is dilated and ready to give birth. Rolling up her sleeves she helps the ewe begin the birthing process on camera. Seconds later the little girl then continues to manipulate the animal in order to help it successfully give birth to its off-spring. Read More