She cut this big cockroach with a knife… That’s what was inside!

When preparing a party, you always want to surprise guests with some unusual food or drinks. Many housewives are looking for recipes of such dishes that would be remembered for a long time because the original treat makes half the success of any event. You can prepare fancy cocktails, salads or desserts with unexpected ingredients, and surprise everybody with unusual serving. 

However, you can take a step further and shock your guests with such a dessert… That’s exactly what this girl did. Just imagine the feelings of her guests at the party, when she brought this huge cockroach and began to cut it! It turned out to be a simple cake but was masked in a very realistic way, albeit a bit shocking. Guests will definitely remember such a treat for a long time! 

No idea, what inspired her to create that dessert… Would you like to try such cake?